About Me


I am Erika Urrutia Onel

I’m Erika Urrutia Onel , Founder and Designer of Onel Clothes & Tango.
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Designer and creator of #oneltango.
I graduated as a Fashion Designer 20 years ago in Chile, and I have been a professional tango dancer since 2010.
In 2015, I left family, roots and my job as a dancer, to carry my luggage, my machines, my illusions, to settle down in Buenos Aires, dancing and learning more and more about tango.
By that time, I fell in love with this city and its people. At last, I felt myself, my own self!
Once established, I decided to create my own tango clothing brand, so that I could join my both passions together: dress design and dancing.
In May 2015, Onel Clothes & Tango was born. First, it was only me, but soon after, more people were added, forming a team that has been fundamental to the exponential and overwhelming growth we have had.
Nowadays, I have a beautiful daughter, and I keep dancing and teaching. Onel has given me the opportunity to create, grow, meet incredible people, travel and keep dreaming.


This process is managed exclusively by Erika Urrutia, our designer and creator. It
consists of a detailed selection of fabrics and accessories, the creation of each model
and design, in tune with the current trends in fashion, managing to transfer them to the
world of tango.
We understand that each design is made for dance and for urban use, as well.


This process is carried out by the Onel’s team. The cut of our lines is done by size and
also customization. That is when the majority of the designs takes shape, potentializing
and selecting the patterns and textures for each model in particular.
Each cut is exclusive.


A process in which all the team is involved, carrying out all the production in our
The industrial and manual work have the same relevance when making our garments,
thus, delivering, the excellent finishes and accessories that characterize Onel.